Tequila Revolución is handcrafted in a traditional distillery in El Arenal, Jalisco; in the heart of tequila country. The master distiller painstakingly selects and utilizes only the finest quality Weber blue agaves, which take a full 7-10 years to mature. These agaves are then cooked exclusively in masonry ovens.
This process takes longer to complete but ensures the best possible flavors and aromas. But Tequila Revolución’s strength is not limited to its pure, traditional craft. Tequila Revolución is a celebration of life itself. It is the symbol of the amazing life we live, and of all the great things that lie ahead, waiting for us to enjoy. Tequila Revolucion is the spirit of truth!


Tequila Revolución takes aging very seriously. We go well beyond the legal requirements that designation of origin and quality norms dictate to the industry. Tequila Revolución utilizes the finest American and French barrels that have contained only tequila inside for at least 20 years. The result is a magnificent spirit that proudly represents the plant and terroir from where it originates.


Tequila Revolución is the physical embodiment of elegance, sophistication and innovation.
Attention to detail, soft but defined edges and the best materials, are just some of the traits that define and distinguish our package. So elegant and artistic, in fact, is the bottle that it enhances the appearance of any home or bar.

Tequila Revolucion is made in a traditional distillery whose roots date back to 1904.

We had a mission: to create the best tequila in Mexico and, with this drink, show the best part of our land. This led to the founding of Tequila Revolución.

The first tequila launched was Tequila Revolución Reposado; this was the first tequila where we started to do things differently, we started doing things better.

Our bottle, created to remind us of older liquor stores, represents the quality of our tequilas. With an exclusive design that beautifully combines innovation and history.